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blaze pizza promo code⇒ blaze pizza near me, blaze pizza prices, blaze pizza owner, blaze pizza lebron, blaze pizza franchise, blaze pizza reviews, blaze pizza stock.Blaze Pizza LLC is a Pasadena, California-based chain within the fast-casual dining restaurants category.Look Mom, I’m on the Blaze Free Pizza Day in Livingston, NJ. close. I would like to receive text messages with offers and updates.< “blaze pizza coupons 2017” >

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Blaze Pizza Free Pizza And Drink⇒ Valid with app installation. Restrictions may apply. See app and site for full details.

Free Pizza When You Earn 10 Flames On Blaze Pizza⇒ Via the Blaze Pizza mobile app. Restrictions may apply. See app and site for details

Download Blaze Pizza App⇒ Get Free Blaze Pizza App Promo Code When Download The Blaze Pizza App & Get Free Pizza Blaze Pizza

Note→ After you enter the “promo code” (Case sensitive), you should receive a Pledge BOGO Reward; have the cashier scan the coupon to apply the BOGO discount

Blaze Pizza [Restaurant Locator] offers a Buy One Get One Free Pledge Reward Coupon for Any Pizza when you enter promo code KEEPINITREAL on the Blaze Pizza App (iOS or Android).


Free Pizza And Drink

Valid with app installation. Restrictions may apply. See app and site for full details.


Free Pizza When You Earn 10 Flames

Via the Blaze Pizza mobile app. Restrictions may apply. See app and site for details.


Blaze Pizza Menu


Pizzas as low as $5.50


Build Your Own Pizza Any Toppings – All One Price

Gluten-free crust is also available


Free Pizza Pass with $25 Gift Card Purchase


1- Topping Pizzas starting from $6.75


Gift Cards starting at $10


Salads starting from $3.95


Desserts starting at $2


$4 Pizzas Today after 4 PM

Blaze Pizza celebrates the first-ever Noncon4mist Day on October 4, 2017 by offering $4 Pizzas after 4 p.m. Additionally, Blaze will also provide fans that take advantage of the Noncon4mist Day offer with a bounce back coupon to receive $4 off a pizza and drink during their next visit, redeemable through the Blaze Pizza mobile app.


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Blaze Pizza: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Pizza Via Mobile App

blaze pizza promo code

Gift Cards starting at $10

Blaze Pizza App [Review]

Fire up the Blaze Pizza app to get your Blaze Pizza fix even faster and earn your way to free pizzas and other Blaze Benefits. Just scan your app every time you visit to earn a flame. Complete a 10-pack of flames to get a free pizza.

Can’t get much simpler than that. Want to go even faster? Place your order via the app to skip the line and earn your flame automatically.

Features: “Blaze Pizza App Promo Code

  • Earn flames for each visit and score a free pizza with every ten flames that you earn
  • Find your nearest Blaze Pizza and order your pizza straight from the app
  • See your online order history and quickly re-order your favorites
  • Use our Nutrition Calculator to help build your pizza

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. App benefits and “Pay with phone” option are only available in non-airport US locations.<blaze pizza rewards program>

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Blaze Pizza Promo Code (Review)


Cause a scene for a good cause.

blaze pizza promo code – Blaze Pizza is such a perfect place to have a fundraiser that even if you weren’t thinking of having a fundraiser, you might want to start an organization just to raise some funds here. It’s a great place for your group to connect, and the pizzas pretty much just sell themselves. And with every purchase made, a percentage is donated back to your organization. Sold? Good. See you and your fantastic supporters at your fundraiser soon.

Here’s how it works.

  • We provide customized flyers inviting supporters to the event, you distribute them.
  • During the event, your guests present the flyers (printed out or on their cell phones) when they order their fast-fire’d creation.
  • After the event, Blaze Pizza will put a check in the mail for 20% of net sales that your event brings in (excluding alcohol sales). All you have to do is open the mailbox. And open the letter. And then sign the check. And then put it in the bank. We’re making it sound complicated. It’s not.

Blaze Pizza will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief. Additionally, we do not host fundraising events as part of campaign activity for or against political candidates or action organizations that attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of their activities. Sound good? Then hit SUBMIT, and we’ll be in touch soon.

blaze pizza App promo codes

blaze pizza promo code

What’s The Best Way To Reheat My Blaze Pizza?

Please, please, please step away from the microwave! For best results, place a cookie sheet in your oven and preheat to 425 degrees. Remove your pizza from its box and place it in the oven on the preheated cookie sheet. Bake just until cheese melts (about 2-3 minutes). Enjoy!

Do you deliver?

Depends how you define deliver. We really hope we deliver on all of your wildest expectations. We just don’t currently deliver outside the store. If you really don’t have time to sit down and stay for a while, for now your best bet is to order online through our website or mobile app.

How can I work here?

We’d love to talk to you. The best way is to go to the locations page on this website, and send an email & resume directly to the restaurant you’re interested in joining. If the location you would like to apply to doesn’t have an email address available, please send your resume and preferred location to to be forwarded to the appropriate individual for consideration.

What’s up with the eco-packaging?

Glad you asked. We use packaging that is recyclable, compostable and/or made from post-consumer reclaimed materials, and our straws, lids and cups are made from plants – not petroleum.

Where can I find your nutritional information?

We are committed to full transparency in our ingredients and food so that you can make the decisions you need to chart your own course with your nutrition. Use our nutritional calculator to get the details about your favorite pizza creation and other menu items at Blaze.

How gluten-free is it?

If you are simply looking to reduce the amount of gluten in your diet and don’t want to give up on pizza, we offer a delicious gluten free crust option, made in-house daily from European non-GMO gluten-free ingredients. Please be aware that our folks work with wheat-based flour and pizza dough all day long, and we use the same oven and dough press for both gluten-free and standard dough, so there is a good chance of some cross-contact in our restaurants. If you would like us to change our gloves or use a separate pizza cutter, we would be happy to do that at your request. If you are celiac or highly sensitive to gluten, we encourage you to carefully consider your dining choices.

I am a vegan. What can I eat?

Lots! Our traditional pizza crust is made simply from filtered water, unbleached flour, extra-virgin olive oil, salt and a touch of sugar. (Our gluten-free dough is also vegan). We also offer a vegan cheese option (soy-free). For specific vegan info about each of our ingredients, please visit our allergen page.

I can only have pasteurized dairy. Can I eat your cheese?

Our cheeses are all pasteurized, so go get cheesy with it!

Are there any nuts on your pizza assembly line?

Only a few of our favorite employees. None of our pizzas have ingredients containing peanuts or tree nuts. We do garnish our Beet and Goat Cheese salad with toasted almonds, so this nut is one we do have in house.

Where do I ask about in-restaurant fundraisers?

We’d love to help! The best way to learn more is to go to our fundraising page. From there you can submit a request directly to the restaurant you’re interested in working with. Someone will reply to your request soon after you submit your inquiry to confirm timing and details.

Can I start a franchise or be involved in owning a restaurant in any way?

So, you think you might want to “start a fire”? To learn more, please visit our franchising page. You can complete an inquiry form there, and we’ll be in touch.

Where can I buy gift cards?

Happiness is a loaded gift card – and they’re available at all of our restaurants or on our online shop. Your friends will love the gift of fire.check blaze gift card balance { “blaze pizza buy one get one free coupon” }

Where can I find out about new restaurants in my area?

Visit our locations page and search for a Blaze Pizza in your city.

blaze pizza promo code

When are you open?

To check hours for your favorite location, use our locations link. Please be aware that some restaurants may close on major holidays, so if you have any questions, be sure to contact your local restaurant directly. “blaze pizza promo code”

Where are you located?

Need an address for the GPS? Check out our locations page to find a map and complete address & phone information for your favorite restaurant.

Do you cater?

Sorry, but we don’t currently have a good way to get that really big, really hot oven to the party. Your best bet is to order online, and take our pizzas to go. Trust us, your guests will love you.

How hot is that fire?

Our oven dome temperature can reach upward of 900F, while the floor temperature typically ranges from 600F to 800F. It’s skilled work — and each pizzasmith manning our ovens is specially trained in how to properly rotate pizzas through t


35 N Lake Ave., Suite 710

Pasadena, CA 91101

Main Phone: (626) 584-5880

Main Fax: (844) 270-1480

hese different heat zones. They may make it look easy, but “fast-fire’d” pizza takes a lot of know-how.

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